The Venus Group of Companies was established with its first company, Amer Trading Corporation on 1981 by CEO and President Ms. Venus C. Genson. Art N' Nature Manufacturing Corporation was founded on 1988. The nature of its diverse business is the manufacture, sale and export of assorted Philippine handicrafts, furniture and accessories.

Our goal is quality services.

Mission 1. To share the 3T’s - Time, Talent and Treasures of workers, makers and subcontractors by making programs that shall produce “world class products” thus creating a need of our products always. 

2. To know the basic needs and be able to provide a continous training of its makers, workers & subcontractors on “right pricing”, packaging, mass production technique and other strategies deemed necessary. 

3. To continue providing the organization a healthy learning atmosphere and supportive climate in all its undertakings; making everyone know their role, importance, strengths and weaknesses to bring out the best product and services that is hard to beat. 

4.To grant scholarships to deserving children of makers, workers & subcontractors in chosen fields were the organization lack the expertise. 

5. To forge a stronger covenant of commitment in maintaining our rich cultural heritage and showcase in right perspective the Filipino handicrafts particularly Cebuano crafts. 

6. To be socially responsible to its workers, makers and subcontractors. 

7. To create awareness on the abundance of indigenous materials in specific areas of our archipelago needed in production and updates on trends abroad. 

8.To continuously inform its people the talent and creativity of each other working for the company in order to manufacture a quality product that shall satisfy the customer. 

9. To provide relevant, efficient information system, productivity improvement and technological services deemed necessary in attaining company’s vision to be one of the top “world class” supplier of crafts here and abroad. 

10. To inculcate the necessity of giving customers a product and service with quality, durability and not just beautiful crafts’ master pieces from natural indigenous materials.