Art 'n' Nature specializes in decorative home display items such as furniture, wind chimes, fiber curtains, adorned with assorted shells, figurines, jars and balusters handcrafted meticulously from rough and raw material such as bamboo, coconut twigs and fibers. Cebuano craftsmanship is showcased in every product, which combines the ethnic elements of indigenous materials with contemporary designs. Its wide range of furniture, jars, vases, pedestals and even handbags are sought by major buyers worldwide. The decision-making process requires much patience on both the seller and the buyer so each piece we sell is prized victory. In each product we make- it incorporates the hardwork, determination, and creativity of a Filipino.

Basket Ware

Made from materials like abaca, pandan, rattan and coco leaves, these baskets are hand made with love.

Shell Packs

Want shells? An assortment or a specific kind can be packed into something beautiful for your table and homes.

Coco Novelties

Go nuts over coconuts! We have an array of coconut products to make your home or event creative!

Coco Novelties

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Hanging Ornaments

These hanging ornaments decorate your space with class and colors. Made from various shells and natural products, they come in various shapes and sizes.

Holiday Ornaments

We also have holiday ornaments for every event! Fill your homes with these uniquely made decorations that will surely stand out!

Quality Materials

Art N' Nature manufacturing goes out of its way to source its raw materials straight from the source. We go the extra mile to ensure that there are as few intermediaries in your supply chain as possible. This means more production remains thoroughly within reach and more savings for your company.